April 23, 2012

Hawaii Beauty Guru Meet and Greet 2012

Youtube | Instagram
Kehau http://www.youtube.com/ktdollz | ktdollz
Jaime http://www.youtube.com/BeautyHI87 | beautyHI87
Mary http://www.youtube.com/TheMaryberrylive | themaryberry
Ashlyn http://www.youtube.com/keepingupwithashlyn | ash7yn
Rose http://www.youtube.com/rosemarie627 | rosemarie627
Tash http://www.youtube.com/ogoshitistash | hitash
Brandy http://www.youtube.com/FaceartbyBrandy | brandymaee
Sasha http://www.youtube.com//faith0peloveBeauty | sasha_n0helani

more pictures
All of us at dinner at Dave & Busters (instagram it!)

Kehau, Ashlyn, and I
Brandy and Mary
Kehau and I
Kehau and Brandy
with Mary
with Tash
with Sasha
with Jaime
with Rose

with Brandy
Me, Kehau, Jaime, Brandy

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