May 4, 2012

How-to: Pack Your School Bag - School Tips

This is a highly requested "school tips" topic! I thought this would be helpful to explain different ways to pack your school bag as well as essentials to bring. Everyone is different and the supplies and items vary greatly.

3 Ways to take/organize notes and handouts
1. Notebook and Folder
Pros: light weight, separates subjects
Cons: not all-in-one
2. Multisubject Notebook
Pros: all-in-one, easily organized, most have dividers with pockets
Cons: may run out of writing space for one subject, bulky
3. Binder method
Pros: Add as many subjects/dividers, flexible, remove/add papers freely
Cons: bulky, must open/close prongs, hole-punch papers

These are just the 3 different ways to organize and take notes. I've tried all 3 methods, and it depends on your note-taking style, how many subjects you're taking, and how notes/handouts are given in class. The binder method and multisubject notebook are my favorites since I've been in college.

What to pack
Filler paper (always have extra!)
Pencil case - pencil, eraser, lead, pens, highlighters, white out
Wallet - keep it small and only bring the essentials so it won't weight your bag down
Cosmetic case (optional) - mirror, lip balm, feminine products, etc.
Phone/iPod & Earphones (optional) - listen to music
Calculator (if needed)
Recorder (if needed)

Fillpad makes great notebooks for both writing and math! It comes in a large variety of colors and are of great quality at an affordable price. I'll be having a review on these soon.

How do you pack your school bag?


  1. THank you so much for all your organizationak. And study tips. I've been looking for something like this to help me in school. PLease keep the videos coming. Oh and thank you for the fill pad information. I had never heard of them. But definitely want to try it out. Let me know your thoughts on it.

  2. I combine the folder and binder methods. I use a small main binder for any class that requires a binder and use folders and notebooks for the rest. A binder for every subject is too clunky. Folders can be exchanged when you stop by your locker. Please check out my blog!