July 13, 2012

DIY Dry Erase Board Calendar

Woohoo it's DIY time! I wanted to get a dry erase board for a while and had this great idea to customize it myself. I always emphasize using a calendar to stay organized and using a dry erase board makes it easy to write down and erase your schedule throughout the year.

Dry Erase Board
Vinyl Tape
Duct Tape
Tape Measure
Razor Blade
Permanent Marker
Dry Erase Marker

Start by creating an outline, here you can play with the size of the calendar and other elements you'd like on your board.
Once you've decided on the layout, mark the edges and erase the lines between.
Start taping the borders.
Cut duct tape strips and place them below the top border of the boxes.
Use tape measure to evenly mark the dividing lines.
Run your razor down the strips of vinyl tape, using the ruler as a guideline to create thinner stripes of tape.
Continue following your outline.
On the duct tape boxes, mark the days of the week

You can also color code your classes using different colored pens, and use the weekly schedule to list tasks or create to-do lists. The possibilities are endless! You can create a chore chart for your family, and sort everyone's schedule on one board. Create a layout that works for your needs. Have fun with it!

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